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Some may see this as a place for me to have a rant. I see it more as a two way conversation, me thinking out loud on screen. The topics at the moment are: Digital photography and 'photoshopping', copyright on images and climbing related ethics.

Digital photography and 'photoshopping'.

Like most I started my photography with a classic 'analogue' SLR (Minolta 7000 and later Nikon F90X) but when work got in the way of life and time off was reduced to an absolute minimum I was sucked in to the digital age. Most of the images in the galleries are made with a D70. It wasn't long after the change to the digital camera that the dark room was replaced by Photoshop and pictures were 'worked' more than before. But there are still limits... The most common alteration I seem to find justifiable are the following:

  • Cropping to improve composition
  • Level the horizon
  • Levels
  • Clone to remove dust
  • dodge and burn
  • unsharp mask
Alterations I can't agree with:
  • introducing objects e.g. blood red sky
  • removing objects e.g. removing a person

Copyright on images

This has recently become a sore issue to me since I found one of my photographs 'doctored' on the back of a publication. Never being asked for permission let be informed about the alterations I was rather hacked off. When I expressed my discontent to the person responsible and was met by a total lack of understanding. One of the replies was that once you give a picture away you loose the copyright over it. I can hardly believe that would be true but don't know my rights. I take pictures for fun and sharing that with friends is part of the satisfaction. I'm looking into ways of protecting my images in the future even though I'm not a professional but I do have my pride.

Whether you agree/ disagree with the previous or have a similar experience with copyright and maybe some advice on protecting your work, feel free to contact me on:

All images © Roel Driesen